Private Fitness

Private Fitness for Groups

Private Groups of up to 10 people: Standard Instructor: Rm450 per session

Enjoy group fitness classes with your friends and family.  You can tailor the level specifically to your group, and even try some of our secret class types!  (hint: Jump Jump!)

As these classes happen in the larger group room when normal group fitness isn’t scheduled.  Please Whatsapp to discuss timing.

Private Fitness for 1-on-1

Head Instructor: Rm636 per person.  

Senior Instructor: Rm318 per person.  

Standard Instructor: Rm254 per person.

Duets: 50% off the second person.


Memberships available.  2 People maximum.

This is a great option for people who:

  • Are pregnant or post-partum
  • Are Couples who want to train together
  • Are too nervous to jump straight into group classes
  • People with joint or muscle issues
  • Or people working on a difficult schedule.

You’re also free to book private 1-on-1 sessions yourself using the link below.

How to Book?


Whatsapp or call  017 3255 699

Email [email protected]


Kota Damansara:

Whatsapp or call  0111  77 02502

Email [email protected]

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