Pilates Instructor Jobs

Whether you're already a Pilates Pro, or are coming from another group fitness field, we do comprehensive in-house training to get you ready to teach great group Reformer Pilates Classes.

We have a range of Pilates Instructor Jobs available.

Can I Teach Pilates?

While a lot of studios out there are more like rental spaces for Pilates Instructors, our Pilates style is unique, and draws from Australian roots.  

That means that we train all of our Group Fitness Instructors in comprehensive training programmes before we put them out there to teach.

This also means that you don’t already need to be a Pilates Instructor to join our team!

So what do we need to turn you into a great Reformer Pilates Teacher?

Must Haves:

  1. An enthusiastic, can-do attitude, with a fun, professional manner.
  2. Some group fitness experience.  It could be Yoga, TRX, Hooping, Bootcamp, or any other type.  The closer it is to Pilates, the better your application will be.
  3. High-quality English

If you’re able to bring these elements to the table, we’ll bring our 10 years+ experience of training instructors to turn you into a high-quality, knowledgeable, and fun Reformer Pilates Instructor!  Have a look at our Pilates Jobs below.

Group Fitness Reformer Pilates Instructor

We consider any applicant that has some type of teaching experience.  Obviously the more you know about teaching group classes, the better your application 

What's this job about?

We’re looking for new instructors for our Kota Damansara Branch and Bangsar Branch to teach regular group classes.

Our focus is on fun, fitness, and getting a good balanced workout, without risking injuries.  Our clients are usually aged 30-60, with the usual wear-and-tear associated with their age (back and knee issues being the most common).  This means that our focus is always on safety and fun first.

As we teach a different style of Pilates (Contemporary Style), we are happy to take any qualified Yoga, TRX, or other group fitness instructors who have a fun, relaxed vibe.  We will provide in-house training to build you up one class type at a time, and then add classes to your shift as your complete the training.

  • Rm50 per Class, fully compliant with EPF, SOCSO, EIS, etc.  (Closer to Rm55 after employer EPF contributions)
  • We don’t cancel classes.  You get paid even if the class is empty.  Fixed Regular Shifts means you know exactly how much you’ll get paid each month.  
When are the Shifts?
  • The available shifts depend on our staff set up when you apply.
  • We do a morning Shift with 7am, 8am, and 9am Classes on weekdays and weekends.
  • We also do evening Shifts with 7pm, 8pm Classes.
  • On Weekends, we also do afternoon Shifts with 11am, 12pm, and 1pm Classes
  • Most Staff teach 2 or 3 regular shifts each week.
What are the perks?
  • Attend our group fitness classes for free outside of your shift times (1 weekly free class per shift worked).
  • Ongoing Pilates training at no cost to you.
  • Special Referral Bonus Pay for any client you bring in outside of our marketing system.
  • Special discounts off in-house retail products.
I already work somewhere else. Can I apply?

As we provide ongoing training, we ask that you don’t teach Pilates at competing studios, and you have to agree not to share our training and class style with others.  You are free to teach Yoga, or any other style that we don’t teach at other studios.

How to Apply?

For all Pilates Instructor Jobs, please email [email protected] with your CV and info, or fill out the contact form below.  A clear photo, and a paragraph about your experience in teaching, group teaching, public speaking, or fitness is very helpful.

Will we get back to you?

We read job application emails about once every 10 days.  Please expect a bit of a wait.

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