Pre-Natal, Post-Natal, and Pilates

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Can I do Pilates?

Whether you’re pregnant, or have had a baby, there’s a very good chance that Pilates will be the right exercise type for you.  


Pilates exercises focus on posture, core-strength, pelvic floor muscle, and tummy.  The exercises are low impact, and are well-suite to Pre-natal and Post-natal mums.  What type of Pilates you can do depends on what stage you’re at:

Pre-Natal First Trimester

Once you find out you’re pregnant, it’s time to make sure that your exercise is low-impact, safe, and focusing on maintaining your current fitness.  At this stage, it’s safe to do the lower-level classes.  As soon as you know you’re pregnant, be sure to notify us, and also to have a good discussion with your Doctor to check for complications.

Pre-Natal Second and Third Trimesters

Once that baby bump starts showing, you’ll need some modifications to the exercises to make you more comfortable, and to keep pressure off your nerves and spine.  For examples, laying on your back for long periods of time can be uncomfortable with bigger babies.


At this stage, you’ll need to do at least one 1-on-1 session with our Clinical team to teach you some modifications so that you can do safe movements.

At some point, your doctor will advise you that it’s time to take it easy, rest, and prepare for your baby.  Be sure to communicate with your doctor during this period, and to discuss the benefits of safe exercise.


After giving birth, it’s natural to have some ‘Mummy Tummy’, also known as Diastasis Recti.  This is because during your pregnancy, your Abdominal wall has moved to make room for the baby, and your pelvic floor has been relaxed over several months.

Once your doctor gives you the go-ahead for Group exercise, it’s time to come back to the beginner classes, and work on reactivating your core muscles, your pelvic floor, and your tummy.

Private Clinical Pilates for Better Results

Instead of just doing Group Fitness, it’s also great to do a mix of both group and private sessions.  Our private 1-on-1 and small group Clinical Pilates programmes are run by accredited physiotherapists.  This means you get customized exercises to target exactly what your body needs.

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