Fitness and Friends

The one thing we all have in common.

Want to meet other expats?  Try a Group Class in Bangsar.

As an expat, moving to a new country can be exciting, full of adventure, and a real challenge for anybody.  Despite all of the excitement, the most common issue expats face is a sense of isolation and lack of access to trusted health services in their new country.

One of the common reasons expats move home early is citing poor health and lack of local support: they just had it easier back home!  But for those who want to make a home for themselves in KL, it’s important to keep your health on track, and build your sense of community.

Welcome to Body in Common.  We are a team of Local and Australian-trained Pilates Instructors and Physiotherapists that provide high-quality Pilates and Pilates Group Fitness right here in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

Pilates is a great way to keep flexible, strong, and balanced, and is appropriate for men, women, old, young, fit, and unfit.  Every exercise is customised to each person.

If you’re a new expat in KL and looking for a way to keep fit, meet new people, and make a home for yourself, give Group Fitness Pilates a try.

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